Roanoke SCORE counselors have made their mark with non-profit businesses like the Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank. Started by TAP in 1981, the Food Bank went independent in July, 1999. A number of SCORE volunteer counselors worked to bring the organization to fruition and lay the groundwork for expansion that helped Food Bank reach its present size. Next year the Food Bank should distribute some 15 million pounds of food through three warehouse distribution centers in Salem, Abingdon and Covington. The company has upwards of 50 employees with an additional 800 as volunteer staff. Executive Director Pam Irvine fondly recalls the productive sessions with SCORE counselors who helped them with incorporation, organization and procedures manuals, and designing reports for internal reporting. Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank serves over 350 charitable food programs, an organization that would rank high among the very largest for profit businesses based in Southwest Virginia. Food Bank currently has a multi-million dollar capital program to acquire the leased facility it occupies in Salem. They are also looking to expand beyond their food services to local distribution agencies, and SCORE is offering to help them vet and plan other service opportunities.